The energy of delusion

Out of print for some time, this recording entertains the listener with happy pop songs about death and prostitutes. Tores was great as a producer, drawing giantic cocks on the mixing desk as he deemed each song finished. FYI, the child on the cover now works  as an accountant at Velveteers & Sons.

A quantum tale

With the help of Wikipedia and producer Nigel Walker, this record saw the light amidst strong magnetic storms from the sun. Single Universe went straight to the Top of the Mops, and saw the band paying big insurance against broken legs. You should see the video.


Some people got locked down for some time for some reason. Father and son home recorded together a bunch of songs, Malax mixed  them and the result is well, a bunch of songs. Very much a familiar affair, it has some  silly moments including a heartfelt homage to the first Roy Wood.

blue pill red pill

God only knows what this is about. The band finally decided to record a video (edited here and there) of the whole set in the garage next to the Taxi Den Studio. Nothing makes sense (the military outfit, the short clip of a suicide, George Fromby's cover at the end) but we assure you we had a great day.